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How Do I Prove Adultery?
(provided by Gimmel, Weiman, Ersek & Blomberg, P.A.)

To obtain a divorce on the grounds of adultery in Maryland, you must prove that your spouse had the
"opportunity" and "disposition" to commit adultery. "Opportunity" may be shown by your spouse spending time
alone with a member of the opposite sex in a residence or hotel. "Disposition" may be shown by some public
display of affection or intimate correspondence. There are 2 defenses which may prevent a divorce based on
adultery: condonation (forgiveness) or recrimination (adultery by the claiming spouse).

Adultery is a misdemeanor crime in Maryland. Therefore, a spouse has the right to plead the 5th Amendment and
refuse to answer questions about adultery. In such event, the Court may infer that the adultery occurred.
Unlike other grounds for divorce, adultery is a ground that allows for an immediate divorce, without any minimum
period of separation required.

What Are Grounds For Divorce?
(provided by Gimmel, Weiman, Ersek & Blomberg, P.A.)

In Maryland, there are 8 grounds for divorce: adultery; desertion for 12 continuous months; voluntary separation
for 12 continuous months; two-year separation; conviction of a felony or misdemeanor with incarceration for at
least 1 year under a sentence of 3 or more years; insanity, with the spouse institutionalized for at least 3 years
and the insanity is incurable; cruelty of treatment; or excessively vicious conduct. To be "separated", spouses
must live in separate residences. The separation is interrupted if spouses have sexual relations with one another,
resume living together, or even spend one night together under the same roof, regardless of whether or not they
sleep in separate bedrooms.
1) Cell Phone: You notice that your spouse is never without his/her cell phone.  Ask yourself this question.  If
you wanted to look through your spouses recent call list or text messages, would you have easy access to the

2) Work Schedule: Most of the time a cheating spouse just needs 30 to 45 minutes to meet the other person.  
Has his/her work schedule changed at all?  Leaving a little early or staying a little late?

3) Errands: Do you notice a change in evening or weekend activities?  Is your spouse running more errands
then usual?

4) Marital Intimacy: Has there been a unusual change in behavior related to marital sex?  Most of the time we
hear that there has been a sudden drop in activity.  In a small percentage of cases there is actually an increase.

5) Gym or Exercise: We all go through the stage where we want to lose some weight.  So with this one you have
to just add it to the list of suspicious behavior.  If most of the other signs don't apply then this one alone would
not be of concern.  

6) Clothing: Your spouse all of a sudden is buying new clothes and in particular, designer underwear.  Looking
nice and caring about your appearance is great, unless you fine a few other things on this list to go with it.

7) Perfume / Cologne:  So you've spent many years with your spouse and this has never been a real priority.  
Now all of a sudden the bottles of perfume or cologne are starting to accumulate.  

8) Temper: Doesn't want to have to account for his/her time away from you.  Gets defensive and just doesn't
want to discuss it.  They turn to anger in order to avoid the difficult questions presented.

9) No Answer: I always hear this one from my clients.  "My spouse would ALWAYS answer my phone calls no
matter what".  So now you have noticed periods of time where he/she will not answer the phone.

10) Vehicle: Your spouse has become protective of his/her vehicle.  That extra set of keys is missing or you
don't even have a key to it any more.
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(443) 848-9400    Maryland Private Investigators    (443) 848-9400
Maryland State Police - Private Detective Agency License 106-3117
Our agency specializes in undercover surveillance. We are
licensed by the Maryland State Police to legally follow people
around and document their activities using a video camera.
This evidence can be presented in court if needed.
maryland private investigator
As your case is being worked, our
investigator keeps you up to date as
events unfold. You are always kept in the
loop so that important decisions can be
made based on real time activity.
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After surveillance is concluded, you will be supplied with date and
time stamped photographs of important events as well as typed
investigator notes covering the full scope of the investigation.
Powerful Zoom Lens

We get the shots other investigators
only dream of obtaining.
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Ask about our unique plan that allows you to have an
investigator "on-call" to work your case at a moments notice.
We understand that our services may be needed quickly.
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GPS Vehicle Tracking is available through our agency
as a rental option for 14 days or longer. Your name must
be on the title of the vehicle being tracked.
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A large retainer is not required.
Pay * As * You * Go
Nothing is charged until you have
investigators out working your case.
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(443) 848-9400    Maryland Private Investigators    (443) 848-9400
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ADULTERY: If you suspect that your spouse is having an affair then surveillance should be
conducted when he/she has time to meet with the other person. Every case is different but
surveillance times should focus on when you think he/she is available to meet the other
person.  You have to watch and question everything he/she says to you. Something as
simple as working out at the gym can provide enough time for them to get together. A
business executive may say that he has to leave early on Friday to attend a seminar. There
may be an actual seminar that day but guess what, he’s leaving early to meet his girlfriend.  
People that cheat on their spouse come up with one lie after another.  We can help guide
you through the thought process of determining an appropriate time period.  All of the
information that you provide us is strictly confidential. Our goal is to conduct surveillance
and remain undetected by the person being followed as well as the general public.
CHILD CUSTODY: In this type of situation we are usually trying to show that one
of the parents of the child have a faulty decision making process.  This can be
something like; (1) not using a car seat (2) a more serious situation like drinking
and driving (3) physical abuse (4) leaving the child alone in the car unsupervised
(5) running around the neighborhood unsupervised (6) being around other
adults of questionable character (7) being left to be watched by others, not family
members. Many other situations may arise.  Our goal is to document any and all
behavior that will help you in court.  The judge starts out the case viewing both
parents equally.  Our evidence can help the judge make an informed decision
that’s in the child’s best interest.
COHABITATION: There are times where we are asked to see if anyone is
currently living with another person.  The reasons for this vary but our approach
is the same.  Investigators establish a surveillance position on the residence so
that anyone entering or exiting the residence can be video taped.  The
investigator must hide out in the vehicle so that they cannot be seen by the
subject or neighbors.  Once we determine that another adult has
arrived at the residence we would obtain the vehicle make, model and tag
number in order to get their identity.  A decision would be make as to the
importance of documenting whether this person spends the night
and appropriate action would be taken by investigators.  
DRUG USE: Catching a person in the act of buying or using drugs is very difficult.  It’s just
part of the users daily routine to keep anyone from seeing it take place.  There are times
where we are successful in video taping what appears to be the exchange of drugs for
money.  The subject drives downtown into a run down area.  The subject pulls to the curb
while at the same time a person on the sidewalk reaches into the passenger window
pulling their arm back out within a split second.  The subject drives away and returns home.  
We all know what probably just happened but the investigator cannot testify that the subject
purchased drugs.  We can show the video tape to the judge and let him/her decide how likely
it is that drugs were purchased.  Obtaining this type of evidence usually takes multiple
attempts unless you know where and when the drugs are being purchased in advance.
ALCOHOL ABUSE: Most of the time when there is a drinking problem it is related to a
Child Custody case.  The parent in question is placing the child in danger by drinking and
driving.  The parent gets off of work at 3:30 p.m., goes to the local bar and has four drinks
prior to picking up the child at 5:00 p.m.  Our investigators would be inside the bar
counting the number of drinks and the rate of consumption.  A recent case had
investigators document the father drinking three beers on a construction job site one hour
prior to getting his 10 year old son.  They go from the house to a restaurant where he
drinks three more beers in about forty-five minutes then drives his son home to the
mother.  After the judge saw our evidence the father was only allowed supervised
INSURANCE FRAUD: Over the years, AAA Surveillance, Inc.,
investigators have been called upon to verify the claims of workers who
are alleged to be "disabled." On countless occasions, we have
recorded activities of people who are collecting compensation
improperly and illegally. These people, we feel, are cheating those who
really need the system.  Frequently, the subject is followed and
observed at their unreported source of income. Investigators have also
found claimants engaged in physical endeavors that would be
impossible for a truly "disabled" worker.  Our investigators video tape
the subjects activities and can present this evidence in court.  
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